Confucius Classrooms and Labs

Confucius Classrooms

The Confucius Institute at BCIT strives to explore a new mode of operation for the 光影魔术手拼图Confucius Classroom, prompting the Confucius Institute to shift its focus from promoting teaching to promoting learning. We gather strength from the local society and local Chinese schools, and work with them to advance the Chinese language teaching industry. In its first partnerships, our institute has developed a model that combines similar types of institutes and schools, through the cooperation of partners who co-establish the Confucius Classrooms. Authorized by Hanban, our Institute co-established Confucius Classrooms first with Algonquin College in Ottawa in April 2010, and second with Surrey School District in BC in October 2013.

Algonquin College was founded in 1967 and is the largest institute of applied technology in Eastern Ontario, offering over 140 majors. The Surrey School District is the largest school district in the province of British Columbia and includes over one 100 elementary and secondary schools in Surrey. Through the partnership, the Confucius Classrooms at Algonguin College and Surrey School District will work with the Confucius Institute at BCIT to facilitate the learning and teaching of Chinese culture and language.

Confucius Affiliated Labs

The Confucius Institute at BCIT focuses on language and culture promotion. In order to better achieve this goal, our institute devised its institute membership system and created the “Confucius Experimental Classroom” network. In support of the Confucius Experimental Classrooms that are attached to the Confucius Institute at BCIT, we are willing to provide our member institutes with relevant materials and teacher training and other supporting services to improve their teaching quality.

Joint Confucius Experimental Classrooms:

BESTCC Education Centre

C&C Learning Center

Dr. Chi Zheng's Classroom

E&E Education Centre

East-Asian Language Academy

North American Hanyang Arts and Culture Center

Waver Chinese School

Taolee Chinese Learning Center

Fast&Fun Chinese School

Eminence Education Center