Chinese Teaching Toolbox (Level C)


Chinese Teaching Toolbox - Level C consists of Teacher’s Edition, Student’s Edition, Workbook and Unit Test, with companion DVDs containing the course contents and supplementary materials. The book distinguishes itself from traditional textbooks by employing a "reverse engineering" method in its development. It is the first time the “reverse engineering” method has been applied in the development of Chinese language materials and curriculum. Its contents cover the family life, school environment, and community experience of a North America secondary school student. As a result, the contents are closely related to the North American lifestyle, emphasizing the practicality of language study. The most critical innovation of this publication is the combination of project based pedagogy with the student-centered objective. This has been applied in every step throughout the lesson plans, providing an invaluable guideline to teachers. The Chinese Teaching Toolbox - Level C is also made available in three different formats: internet based multimedia, mobile Apps, and printed paper based booklets. It has a strong sense of contemporary trends with a localized sense of culture, which will be appreciated and widely used by Chinese language teachers everywhere.

  • A. First language teaching material developed by using “reverse-engineering” methodology;
  • “Student-centered” teaching guidance book for Chinese teachers;
  • First “project-based” Chinese language learning and teaching book;
  • Three main themes of family, school and community, specially chosen for high school students in North American;
  • Step-by-step lesson plans;
  • Various genres of contents to improve students oral and written skills;
  • Standard guidance of language teaching including European, North American and Hanban language reference;
  • Interactive teaching materials combining video, audio, online materials and reference books;
  • Multi-media DVDs compatible to both PC and Mac.

The Chinese Teaching Toolbox Level C is designed for North American high school youths 13 to 18 years old, as well as intermediate high-level self-taught Chinese learners.It would be great learning resources to use for AP Mandarin exam preparation.

The Toolbox is also designed for Chinese teachers who teach outside Chinese-speaking countries or regions, and for the volunteer teachers in North America dispatched by Hanban.

The contents of the Student’s Book cover many aspects of a typical North American youth’s everyday activities in family, school, and community. It provides learning strategies and procedures for students to complete the learning tasks in class or at home, independently or in a group. What students are learning in Chinese is closely related to what they are doing or facing every day. Its main features are:

  • A project-based learning approach. Students learn the Chinese language through doing a project or to solve a real problem.
  • Various forms of communication in Chinese taught, such as narration, notice and proposal for written Chinese, and dialogue and public speech for spoken Chinese.
  • Many topics of Chinese culture and tradition explained in forms of essay, video clip and multi-media material. Fun for students to read and watch and learn.
  • Course descriptions, learning objectives, explanatory notes in both English and Chinese.
  • Companion DVDs included, containing all the audio and video files specifically designed and made to assist students in their learning.


The Workbook with the Student's Book is closely integrated, including varied questions with different format. The types of questions cover not only fill-in the blank, multiple-choice, alternate response, but also graphic representation and graphic writing, which base on learning objectives, authenticity of language use and practicality. In addition, the questions combine with images, tables, audio and video, to increase learning interests for students in their practice. A teacher could use the Workbook for class exercise, homework assignments, classroom tests, as well as instructional feedback. Answer key and recording files for the assignments are attached to the DVD.

The Unit Test contains 10 unit tests, which aims to evaluate students’ learning progress in each unit of the four key aspects of language acquisition, listening, speaking, reading and writing, and provide a reference for teachers to understand if students have achieved the learning objectives. The content of the tests is related to the 10 themes of the Student’s Book and similar to the format of the HSK exam including listening, speaking, reading and writing sections. Answer key included.