Chinese Teaching Toolbox (Level B)

The Chinese Teaching Toolbox Level B is a sequel to and companion package for Chinese indexTeaching Toolbox Level A. The package comprises a Teacher’s Book, Student’s Book, an Assignment and Assessment component, and a companion multimedia DVD. The content of the product includes twelve module-based lessons. Each lesson has seven sections, including one or two scenario-based dialogues, vocabulary teaching, class activity suggestions, teacher’s notes, key phrases, assignment and assessment.

The companion DVD provides electronic copies of all the handouts for each and every lesson. Instructors can edit and print them for their own needs. In the DVDs, instructors can also find standard Mandarin recordings for all the dialogues and listening comprehension. In addition to the videos of all the dialogues, the DVDs also contain the animation of stroke orders of the selected Chinese characters and the PPT demonstration files for classroom teaching.

  • The carefully selected teaching materials are compiled in scenario-based modules. Students can apply their knowledge quickly and thus stay motivated to keep learning.
  • In the DVD package, there are 118 short videos, audio recordings and animations. These multimedia materials enable Chinese teachers to offer vivid and interesting classes, as well as to improve learning efficiency.
  • The rich PPT demonstration materials can be used as interactive lesson plans that are suitable for North American students. All the multimedia materials can be uploaded to individual computers, and therefore teachers do not have to rely on Internet access.
  • The twelve sets of classroom activities and fifteen sets of assessments (including listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar) provide a comprehensive assessment system for students to prepare for the HSK or BC Provincial Chinese Proficiency Exam.
  • The teacher’s notes use both literary translation and semantic translation to display differences of syntax between English and Chinese, to help learners memorize and understand Chinese grammar.
  • The PDF and text files allow instructors to customize their handouts. A multimedia learning platform and cartoon-character calligraphy cards offer instructors a great convenience for teaching Chinese characters.

The Chinese Teaching Toolbox Level B is designed for North American high school youths 13 to 18 years old, as well as intermediate-level self-taught Chinese learners.

The Toolbox is also designed for Chinese teachers who teach outside Chinese-speaking countries or regions, and for the volunteer teachers in North America dispatched by Hanban.

Table of Contents
It displays an outline of the entire book, and allows users grasp the contents of the twelve modules with a quick glance. Each module can be used as an independent lesson or supplementary lesson to another text book. The entire Toolbox can also be used for an independent course.

Each module has two to three dialogues that are based on North American lifestyle. To every dialogue a file is attached that provides Pinyin, character and English translation.

Vocabulary Teaching
The vocabulary of each module is grouped into two categories: basic characters and supplementary characters. The instructor can offer individualized requirements for students.

Plans for Class Activities
The Toolbox provides class activity plans for all twelve modules, including individual participation, paired work, group work for 4-6 people and large group work. Every activity plan is supplemented with information about the objectives, time needed, and detailed steps, as well as the handouts. These class activity plans not only reduce teachers’ workloads, but also animate the classroom atmosphere and motivate student participation and interests.

Key Phrases and Teacher’s Notes
The key phrases and teacher’s notes emphasize the practicality of the expressions. Every expression is explained for practical use; thus, students are able to learn by analogous applications. Teacher’s notes are scripts of the virtual classroom videos. Teacher’s Notes display differences between English and Chinese by comparing literary translation and semantic translation.

The Chinese Teaching Toolbox Level B--Student Book with the attached DVD provides students with a platform for learning and practicing. The assignments in the Student Book are designed around the knowledge taught in the twelve lessons and aim to serve the learning objective.. The question types are patterned after the HSK exam. An answer key is provided for reference.

In the attached DVD, learners can find all the study materials related to each module, including an introduction of the module, the videos of the dialogue, a recording of the dialogue in standard Mandarin, the multimedia character learning platform and recording for listening comprehension. These materials can be uploaded to an iPhone.

The Student Book aims to train students’ communication skills. It contains materials for listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar that students can use in class or at home. Every assignment is provided with a description of the learning objective and the estimated time needed for completion.

In-class activities are classified as individual work, pair work and group work for 4 to 6 students. These activities can be used for in-class practice as well as for self-teaching.

The oral assignments have four types of practice to develop students’ oral communication skills in meeting everyday needs, including describing things, creating dialogues, holding group discussions and making class presentations.

The Chinese Teaching Toolbox Level B – Assignment and Assessment provides assignments and assessments for the twelve modules and another three comprehensive exams to test students’ knowledge acquired from this book. The materials are structured and organized around the twelve modules.

It aims to assess students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in terms of completing the interaction tasks. An answer key is provided for reference.

The oral tests in this book have two types of questions to meet practical needs: individual description and dialogues. A self-assessment chart is provided for students to check their own progress and to make study plans. It can also help the teacher to acknowledge student’s progress and to reach their final goals.

To reduce instructors’ preparation time and load, and to make it more convenient for instructors to use the materials, the attached DVD provides printable files of all the quizzes and tests as well as the audio recording for listening comprehension. Instructors can preview, print or customize contents of the quizzes and tests. In the DVD, teachers can load the printable version for character-learning handouts to save preparation time.