Chinese Language and Culture Club

NeoImage_副本_副本_副本_副本Since its opening in 2010, the Chinese Language and Culture Club at the BCIT Confucius Institute has grown into the most popular Chinese language club in Vancouver. The mission of the club is to help members improve their knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture through a series of entertaining activities, games and workshops, as well as to provide a networking opportunity for members who do business with Chinese people.

The Chinese Language and Culture Club has more than a thousand registered members. People are from all walks of life including busy working people and students of Chinese. Members are from all sorts of language backgrounds and their Chinese levels vary from absolute beginners to very advanced learners and native speakers who voluntarily help out.

To accommodate the reality that members’ Chinese levels range widely, we strive to design various social events, paired activities and group activities to make sure that attendees at any level can learn something new from every meeting. There is no single goal for everyone, but there are carefully designed lesson plans. Members can make their own learning agenda and follow their own pace. This is particularly suitable for busy working people who are not able to commit a large amount of time to language learning and people who take courses at other universities and need an environment in which to practice and apply what they have learned.

Every event of the club is designed and organized by a professional Chinese instructor at BCIT Confucius Institute. Every event has a theme carefully chosen to encourage active learning. Sponsored events have included “Learning Mandarin from Chinese Movies”; “Toastmaster”, with a modified format for Chinese learners; “Experiencing Chinese Calligraphy”; learning Chinese from Chinese songs; games and guided conversations for vocabulary buildup; and guest speakers’ special events.

Each event is an independent meeting or lesson that does not rely on knowledge from previous meetings. Members can choose those that fit their schedule, level and interest. Ample resources are provided in every meeting, so all members can find something useful for themselves.

The venue of the Chinese Language and Culture club is in the downtown Vancouver BCIT campus, which is a few steps away from all public transportation. Events are held regularly every month.

The Chinese Language and Culture club welcomes people from all backgrounds to join us, when there is a shared interest in learning and understanding the Chinese and Chinese culture. Please follow us on Facebook (Confucius Institute at BCIT) and stay tuned for our upcoming events!