Books Sponsored By Hanban

In order to promote Chinese language teaching and disseminate Chinese culture, the Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) has brought together Chinese language teaching books and multimedia materials from domestic publishers and established a free library system for eligible institutes and individuals. The library system provides resources including Chinese teaching materials, Chinese culture reading materials, multi-media materials, dictionaries and other resources. The catalogue is published on the official Hanban website.


According to the Hanban policy, education departments, culture departments of Chinese consulates overseas, Confucius Institutes, government dispatched Chinese teachers and volunteer teachers, oversea Chinese teachers and recognized Chinese teaching institutes are eligible to apply for the free materials. Unfortunately, other institutes or individuals are not entitled to apply. To apply for these resources through us, please download the application form and refer to the catalogue on the official Hanban website, then send the completed form to We will then review your application and contact you.